Adventist Outreach Ministry’s food pantry has operated in the Avondale area of Cincinnati since 1952. The ministry was founded by the Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church. The First Unitarian Church now partners in the ministry along with volunteers from several other churches. All pantry volunteers are unpaid.

Located at 725 Whittier St. in Avondale. the pantry is among the largest of 275 in Hamilton County and a member charity of the FreeStore Foodbank. We also work with several major food processors who donate food and we collaborate with other food pantries. The pantry is in an area with the highest rates of poverty and unemployment along with shortest lifespans in Cincinnati. ¬†Our building is ~3000 sq. ft. on a single floor designed for efficient operation.

The pantry is open 4 to 6 days per month. We serve anyone who comes to us needing food. Clients can visit 4 times each month, getting a total of up to 12 days of food supplies for their families. Each year, we serve between 1500 -2000 households with between 3000-4000 people. Since 2015, we have given ~2,500,000 pounds of canned goods, produce, and protein foods to our clients.

The pantry has become a choice pantry. Clients now shop and choose the items they want, like a grocery store. A volunteer goes with you as you shop to answer any questions. The pantry continues to provide boxed food, canned goods, fresh produce, personal care products, meat, and dairy foods.